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Webcams Bring Hard-ons and Heartbreak

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Hypocrisy isn’t something to be proud of, but I have recently discovered that I am a master of it. Any time a girlfriend has shown irritation at my porn habits, I have laughed it off. I say it’s normal, all guys do it, and it’s unrealistic to expect any man to stop. After all it’s just a fantasy and doesn’t actually mean anything.

Following that logic, I shouldn’t have been bothered when I found out last week that my girl had been camming to earn extra cash during the earlier part of our relationship. I had said it myself that it was no big deal and didn’t mean anything. But that only applied to my use of cams. Finding out she had been on them filled me with fury and I called her a whore, accused her of cheating on me, and told her to pack her shit and get out. She did and now she won’t talk to me. I’m heartbroken and regretting being such a prick. I want her back, but I also can’t stop thinking about her showing her pussy to strangers. I wonder if she is camming now to support herself again.

CamBB is a new way to watch cams. It brings multiple sites together in one place. I am searching like crazy to see if I can find her profile.

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