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Some Girls are Pure Sex

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A rush of excitement hit me today as I was browsing the girls at I thought I spotted a girl I knew from my first job. You’d think I would have immediately clicked on her, but I sat there dumbfounded for a moment and trying to decide even though I knew she wouldn’t have anyway to know who I was. Once I got over that, took a deep breath, and released my cock in anticipation, I clicked.

It wasn’t her. Talk about a build up to total devastation!

In actuality, the cam girl was way hotter than the girl I had known. She’s the sort of babe who is pure sex. Everything about her screamed of being highly fuckable. I should have taken her private and seen if she would roleplay for me and pretend to be Lorie, but that Russian accent of hers was something I just couldn’t get passed. On other days, that voice would be a turn on, but man, I had wanted to have Lorie give me jerk off instruction.

I still have never found a girl I know doing a cam show, but I’m going to keep hoping.


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