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Let Me Tell You My Secrets

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I have a very stressful job and am under constant scrutiny. This forces me to constantly suppress my desires. I can’t really be myself and it’s stifling. I wouldn’t change my career for anything but from time to time I need a little release. That’s when I go to Cam BB.

The webcams give me a sense of intimacy that just watching porn doesn’t fulfill. I’m not in a position to be able to just hire hookers for my fantasies. Too many people in my position get haunted by those kinds of things. So instead I just turn to Emotional_Rescue cam on Chaturbate and get my release through her. She’s drop dead gorgeous and when it comes to sex, she’s my go to girl. I can be myself with her. I tell her all my sexual desires and fantasies and she does her best to help me live them out. I really don’t know what I’d do without her. It’s funny to me that I use webcams as a form of therapy, but it’s worth every penny.

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