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Hungry for Some Hot Cherry Pie?

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Pumpkin Pie makes me think of fall, Thanksgiving, Halloween, and so on. Apple pie always makes me think of Jason Biggs and that infamous American Pie scene. Pecan pie reminds me of my years living in the south and how it seemed to always be at every work function and holiday gathering. Then there is cherry pie. Cherry Pie used to always make me think of that 90s song by Warrant that had Bobbi Brown dancing in the video and Jani Lane giving that enormous smile.  Today may have changed that, however.

I was checking out chat cam girls that get naked and found one going by the name Cherry–Pie. I was immediately hungry for what she was offering and clicked to go to her cam. This babe somehow managed to look like an every day girl that would be easy to run into on the street and talk to, as well as like a super hot babe that would never give me the time of day.

Fortunately, I found her cam show and was able to not only get the time of day, but also watch her get naked and hear her moan my name. She was exactly what I had a craving for. Sweet!

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