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How to Find a Sex Friend Quickly and Easily

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If you’re looking to find a sex friend, your success is all about you being systematic and methodical. If you have a serious plan, you can work your plan to gain a high level of success. It’s like anything else. It’s like looking for job or building a business or establishing new friendships. It’s all about planning. You have to work your plan and make sure your plan works. If you are serious about finding a friend with benefits, wrap your mind around the following facts.
Lonely people are everywhere
You can make friends with lonely people quite easily. Why? They want a human connection. They’re looking for somebody that can relate to them and can accept them. All people at some level or other are dependent on other people. They have that need. You can easily put yourself out there and become their friend. Once you become their friend and appeal to their loneliness, the next step is to filter them out for sex.
Look for mature friends
Now that you’ve made all these friends, the next step is to figure out which ones are mature enough both on an intellectual, emotional, and spiritual level for a high level of friendship. Believe it or not, sex with friends is a high level of friendship. Why? It divorces all sorts of unnecessary emotional attachments from physical enjoyment. This requires a high level of maturity and sophistication. Not all friends get this. It truly takes a very special friend to have sex with you and still remain your friend. Look for those mature people. The good news is that they are everywhere if you look hard enough.
Make sure both your expectations are clear
Before you start having sex with your special friend, make sure that your expectations are clear. Lay it all out on the table. Set common rules. As long as your friend is clear, and she is not playing any games, and you are not playing any games, everything should work out fine. However, if you are playing some games or lying, expect things to blow up. Not only would it hurt now, but it would probably hurt further down the road.

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