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How much does a cam girl really earn?

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Does anyone actually know how much does a cam girl earn? While some girls do it just as a side job just to make the rent others make it a fulltime job and If you’re going to be doing that you need to make bank or risk losing it all.

While the top cam girls make 1000’s a week the lower end of the scale girls would make nowhere near that. You have to work your way up from the bottom and build your audience. You can obviously do that a number of different ways and being direct isn’t always going to work in your favor.

Depending on what type of a girl they are they could make a statement and be as bold as possible, or they could also be reserved and more on the shy side of things. The cam girls persona will always play a part in how much they earn online. The fun part for you guys is always going to be kicking back and becoming part of the live show!

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